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Best Beaches In The World

Everybody loves sun and swimming in crystal clear water, but there are some famous beaches in the world where you can have that and much more fun. Here is a guide if you are planning your vacation this summer and want to enjoy the best view you can possibly get. Lanikai Beach, Hawaii – this is a beautiful place filled with lots of palm trees and beautiful sand, it is the perfect place if you want to enjoy calm water and just drink your cocktail in a great atmosphere. Lankai actually means “heavenly sea” in Hawaiian language so it’s no wonder why this amazing beach is one of the most popular in the world. Phi Phi Island in Thailand – if you want to sunbathe in style, choose this location. According to Sea Scape Yacht Charter it’s not only amazing but it’s also the favorite place of the most important actors, singers and politicians. This is probably because it is also a quiet place and quite affordable even for those who are not celebrities. Cable Beach Broome, Australia – This is an extremely popular and crowded beach, so if you like being around a lot of people while tanning, this is the place for you. With its tropical climate, this place has two season, a dry season and a wet season so make sure that you plan your vacation in the dry season, which begins in April and ends in November. Bora Bora, Tahiti – This Island is located in a group of islands called the Society Islands that belong to French Polynesia. This is considered to be a very romantic island with a lot of places where couples can spend quality time together. You can even go shark feeding, SCUBA diving, and even have excursions in the mountain safari. Sun Island, Maldives – This is a stunning place, with beautiful blue lagoons it is considered to be one of the biggest islands in Maldives. You can enjoy a lot of activities here and the hotels are absolutely wonderful. What’s great about it is the fact that you can find accommodation at any price, so you shouldn’t worry if you don’t afford the five stars hotels.
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Staying at a Hotel VS Short Term Rentals

When you are visiting a city, one of the most important details about planning your trip is where to book your stay. No matter if you are visiting a bustling Capital or a small, but picturesque town, choosing the right accommodation option is essential for the success of your business trip, city break or holiday. These days, it all comes down to deciding between a hotel and a short term rental apartment. Both options are very popular among modern travellers and have their share of advantages and disadvantages. Which one is more suitable for you? Well, this is something that only you can decide. No one can deny that staying at a hotel means enjoying a more lush feeling. Here, besides the comfort of a fully furnished and spacious formal room you also benefit from excellent services and amenities such as free parking, room service, mini-bar, wake-up call, complementary products, free access to gyms, pools and spas. When you are booking an apartment on short term you don’t have these services available. Most of these accommodation options are very spacious apartments that were recently refurbished and decorated as to impress their customers with modern furniture, high end appliances and superior quality amenities. Not only a rented apartment will be more comfortable and cozy than a formal hotel room, but it will also be more private and intimate. Of course, some hotels offer better rooms and services than others. The prestige and number of stars owned by the accommodation unit is what influences the price, the quality of the room and invariably the excellence of the services. The star rating and the reputation are very useful criteria when it comes to comparing prices and choosing the most appropriate hotel. The disadvantage of short term rental apartments is that they don’t use any internationally standardized rating system to assess the quality of the units. You need to make your decision based on the pictures, description and price provided by the owner, and sometimes by the few customer reviews available online. Luxury comes with a cost. This goes both for hotels and rental apartments, but unquestionably the first option is pricier than the second one. Generally, all decent 3 stars hotels from any part of the world offer their rooms for $50-$150 per night depending on their location, number of stars and reputation. Renting an apartment for a couple of days or weeks is far more affordable. Usually, a two-room apartment downtown doesn’t cost more than $30-$60 per night no matter how luxurious it may be. Another important advantage of booking an apartment is that these are usually positioned near the transportation network and you won’t have to depend on a rented car on your trip. You can simply use public transportation to get to your destination. This will also allow you to know the surroundings better and interact with the locals. Also, if a subway is available in the city do not hesitate to use it as it will help you avoid traffic. The problem with hotels is that these are not always positioned near the main transportation points and if you need to stay in a particular area of the city it will be more difficult to find a good hotel at a decent price. Planning the perfect trip begins with finding the appropriate accommodation option for you. Every traveler and every trip are unique and while in some situations a hotel is the most recommended option, in others a short term rental apartment will be more suitable for your budget and expectations.
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Property Development in Asia

Property development in Asia seems to be reaching its peak as more people are looking into buying homes or vacation properties there. Southeast Asian cities have been growing the fastest, especially due to the infrastructure developments and the interest of expats to move into cheaper Asian cities. In 1997 there was the Asian financial crisis and since then property markets have greatly developed offering a wide range of rentals, villas, apartments or even vacation properties to those interested. For locals, things got a lot better when the government improved the housing finance structure offering more options for mortgages. Nowadays the market experiences a 50% increase and continues to increase as some of the Asian countries are just starting their real estate development process while others are already established on the real estate market. In Thailand, the property market started developing in the 80s and now it’s an extremely profitable area that attracts a lot of investors every year. Unfortunately, the Asian financial crisis hit Thailand pretty hard and it wasn’t able to improve its condition until late 2000s when investments started again. Investing in Thailand is still considered to be a great opportunity even after years of investors improving the market and prices rising. A lot of them are focusing on tourism and offering vacation rentals but there are also many expats interested in living there, especially areas like Bangkok, Phuket or Koh Samui. Koh Samui condos project is probably the most sought out investment for exclusive properties and it is slowly starting to be a luxury retreat for people all over the world, especially Russia, China, India and the US. A lot of the properties developed now in Koh Samui are created with the foreign investor in mind and people can buy a wide range of properties for their personal or business needs. Economic experts believe that even with this huge development that has happened lately, Thailand is still in its beginnings when it comes to the development of real estate. The Philippines, although probably one of the worst affected countries by the 90s financial crisis is also a market that has been greatly developed lately. Property prices are very low and it seems to be the next Asian gem in terms of investing. However, things aren’t as developed as in Thailand and there are just a few areas where people focus their investments, such as Manila, a heaven of luxury properties. Singapore’s real estate market is pretty vulnerable but investors can find a lot of good opportunities where they can make a profit. The most important factor is the rising inflation and the degrading exports made by the country. The Asian market is a great way to invest nowadays but investors shouldn’t go there on their own as there are many experts that can advise them what is the best possible outcome for their investments and what direction they should focus on. Although some countries might not be stable enough for investments, there are some excellent opportunities for those looking to invest in safe areas.
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