Chaweng Beach

When you’re dreaming of spending the perfect holiday on a very serene and idyllic island, you must consider Koh Samui. This piece of paradise has some of the most beautiful white pristine sand beaches. And the best thing about the island is that its beaches are incredibly diverse, some are wild and unspoiled, some are peaceful and intimate while others are fun and loud. Still, out of its many breath-taking beaches, one impresses with its dynamic ambiance and modern vibe. This is Chaweng, the ground zero for Samui’s fun events and activities.

At the moment, Chaweng is the biggest and busiest town on Koh Samui. It is a very developed touristic center that hosts some of the most luxurious and elegant hotels, resorts, villas, restaurants and clubs. For all these reasons, tourists prefer it to the other parts of the island. The perfect holiday needs to be the ideal mix between the pleasure of relaxing on a tropical beach and the entertainment of a modern city. Most people who choose Chaweng are young, adventurous and eager to experience the best of Samui.


If you are looking to have fun on your vacation then this is the place you want to be. From beachside bars and shops to sophisticated restaurants and terraces, Chaweng knows how to spoil its tourists from dusk to down. The well-known Green Mango strip is the center of Chaweng’s bar central and it attracts travellers every night. It is the perfect place to start partying as it reunites the best dance bars, pubs and clubs in town. And if after all the intensive dancing you’re in the mood for something delicious to eat, Samui has a very diverse range of restaurants and snack bars that are opened till morning. From local savors to International cuisines, the food here is really great and for all types of budgets.

Of course, the best part of Chaweng is the actual beach. It measures 7 km long, making it the longest beach on the island. Besides its gorgeous pristine sand, emerald blue waters and clear blue sky, it is also adorned with charming coconut trees and small wooden boats. It is the ideal place to take a break from everything and indulge yourself with cocktails, a beautiful tan and warm swims at sunset.


If you are the adventurous type and want to try some exciting water sports then you’ll be lucky to find out that Chaweng beach has some of the most modern and diverse water sports centers. So what would you like to try- kayaking, diving, kite boarding, snorkeling, fly boarding or sea walking? You name it.


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