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Prenoćište LOTOS is a pleasant place that you would gladly come back to after your first visit. It offers 7 single or double bedrooms, with a full capacity of 20 guests.
Cable TV, wi-fi, air-conditioner, en suite bathroom available in every room.


LOTOS is in the heart of the town, located on the crossroads leading to four major tourist attractions of the town. The main pedestrian zone and the central town square are only a few streets away. In the opposite direction, within a 3 minutes walk, there are some of the most popular cafes, restaurants and clubs. Taking the left turn from LOTOS, it takes 10 minutes to get to the river banks and the old Fortress, the major tourist attraction.

There is a supermarket, a few banks, exchange offices, a post office and a health center in our vicinity.


We share the object with a first class pastry shop LOTOS, which is ideal for having the morning coffee after a good night's



If you book a room in LOTOS, you will be just a step away from every major part of the town or events taking place, all of which is a must-see when you are visiting our beautiful town.


Nish offers a lot of cultural happenings, various music festivals, the extraordinary Fortress from the period of Turkish Empire and many more interesting places, whether you are up to having fun or having a relaxing time off.


dio dizajna
dio dizajna
Prenoćište Lotos   tel. +38118 565 565
Vojvode Mišića 113, 18000 Niš ContactForm mob./sms +381 69 5 323 323
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