There is no point in denying it; food is one of the best parts of any holiday, especially for a tropical getaway on a charming Thai island like Koh Samui. The chance of trying some unique local flavors is a very tempting idea, one that lights up your appetite for departing on a very fascinating part of Thailand, where culture and nature meet the most extravagant faces of modern tourisms.

We, at, know how important it is to offer a very delicious and diversified range of cuisines to every traveller who stays with us. From local Thai savors to the most popular international cuisines, our menu represents a delightful source of wonderful tastes for those who know how to appreciate the most fascinating flavors.

The décor of our restaurant encapsulates the beauty of the Thai ambiance. It is inspired from Thailand’s vibrant culture, colorful way of living and love for nature. All these create the perfect setting for savoring your breakfast, brunch or diner while watching the ocean through a panoramic glass wall. It is a true pleasure to serve breakfast at sunrise or dinner at sunset while gazing at the wonderful scenery.

Every single item from our menu is made from fresh local ingredients that offer the authentic Thai culinary experience. These are skillfully prepared by our world experienced chefs that are true professionals of the Thai and International cuisines. It is them who always create the most surprising mixes, the most innovative flavors and most important, a special meals that will complete your Koh Samui holiday experience.


Believe it or not, when you are on vacation you mustn’t compromise your vegan diet for the sake of tasting the local dishes. As mentioned earlier, our chefs really know how to turn every ingredient into the most delicious meal you have ever eaten. And they are true artisans when it comes to cooking vegan recipes out of Thai ingredients. The result is always the same- a delicious dish that comprises the best of Thai cuisine.


Without a lavishing and modern Pool & Beach Bar your dining and drinking experience at Lotos wouldn’t be complete. This concept was designed for those customers who adore relaxing under the clear blue sky with a cool drink in one hand and a delicious snack in the other. Good food, icy drinks, palm trees swaying in the warm ocean breeze and the Thai sun above. What else could you wish from your extravagant tropical holiday?

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